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“Drone flying is so fun! I want to share it with you.”

This is the idea that started Drone Flying Academy (DFA) Singapore. The flying experience should not be restricted to only a closed group of individuals, enthusiasts and professionals. We strongly believe that drone flying is for everyone; for the working adult who wants to dabble in a new hobby, or a young aspiring pilot who picks up a remote-control aircraft for the first time.

With the ever changing and increasingly challenging aviation scene in Singapore, it is DFA's obligation to teach the right thing and maintain a code of conduct within our community, while bringing positive flying experience to the mass. One of our core principle is to enforce safety while flying our unmanned aircraft, so that we can preserve the drone community's interests and allow everyone to continue sharing their flight experience with others.

Basic Drone Course
4 hours    4 - 6 Pax

All the tools you need to know on how to start is here; this is the beginner course for all drone pilot wannabe. You will experience not only the basic manoeuvres of flying, but also a well-crafted theory lesson to learn the fundamentals of drone systems, together with understanding of our local aviation regulations.


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Intermediate Drone Course
4 hours    4 - 6 Pax

Highly recommended for basic drone pilot who wants to take it up a notch to the next level of aerial photography and videography. DFA’s Intermediate course will bring you through a series of advance flight manoeuvres to create the dynamic and ‘cool’ movements that we all have seen and adored.


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Advance Drone Course
4 hours    2 - 4 Pax

This course will give students an experience of what it is like to be an operational ready UA pilot in Singapore. Our own in-house UAPL professionals will bring you through the basic manoeuvres executed in the official UAPL practical assessment. This course will allow you, a potential UAPL candidate, to decide you wish to pursue further training (either self-training or receive professional training from UATO) to attain your UAPL license in the future.


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Basic Confidence
1.5 hours    2 - 4 Pax

Want to fly alone but lack the confidence to do so? This is a practical session training only. It serves as a refresher for our alumni who have completed our Basic Drone course. It is recommended for students who need more practical time. You will be flying under the close guidance of our instructors, giving you the confidence to fly far and high, as well as to clock more flight time.


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Intermediate Confidence Level 1 Course
1.5 hours    2 - 4 Pax

Need more practice perfecting your aerial manoeuvres? This is a practical session training only. It serves as a refresher to our Intermediate Drone Course alumni to gain confidence in flying difficult aerial videography techniques. Under the close guidance of our instructor, you will be practising various aerial videography manoeuvre. You will also be given real-life case study on aerial media capturing.


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Intermediate Confidence Level 2 Course
1.5 hours    2 - 4 Pax

Want to experience how aerial operations are conducted? Get a taste of what goes into planning aerial operations. Under the supervision of our instructor, you will be put through a simulated assignment where you have to plan, utilise and apply different photography techniques, videography techniques.


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DIY Drone Assembly Workshop
2.5 hours    4 - 8 Pax

An innovative, fun & challenging experience. Improves the creativity & cognitive abilities of your child, empowering their future by getting hands-on engineering skills. Present and bring home the drone (worth $87) as a gift to your child during the festive season!


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UAPL Courses & Practical Assessment
5 days    6 Pax

Air Beacon is our official partner in providing Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Licence (UAPL) courses and AFE assessments. Our partnership drone program provides you with a competitive advantage, even with no experience, on your journey of becoming an UA pilot. The course structure has been curated to smoothen the steep learning curve towards achieving the UAPL, compared to other Unmanned Aircraft Training & Assessment Organizations (UATO). Our joint program covers the basics of operating in both GPS & ATTI mode, aerial videography techniques, and full syllabus for both theory and practical assessment for the UAPL.


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CAAS Operator Permit Holder
DFA PTE. LTD. is recognised by local aviation authority to conduct aerial services in Singapore. On behalf of CAAS, DFA is committed to uphold both aviation and public safety standards.

In House Training Professionals
Our drone instructors are trained by experts within the aviation scene, with many years of operational experiences, both locally and overseas. We are also academically qualified to answer all UA technical related queries.

Quality After Services Support
DFA have partnered with several drone retailers which allows us to extend some of these support to our clients and alumni. This includes discounts on drone and accessories purchases, repair and drone related matters.

Customised Training
Want to create a customised workshop for your corporate cohesion event, holiday programme for schools or just an experience for the family? Talk to our in-house experts and we can build a training course tailored to your needs.

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Other Services
Drone Rental with Hobbyman Singapore
Keen to fly a drone with your friends, but don’t wish to fully commit into investing in one? We provide drone rental service for both short and long term basis, for ad-hoc recreational needs or commercial aerial operations.

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Aerial Operation Service

Discover aerial content with creativity for your videography solution. Observe the footages from a dynamic angle of a bird’s eye view. Unlock new visuals for high quality aerial media productions. Contact us for a quotation.

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Consultation on Drone Permits Application
Facing complications crafting an 80 pages Operator Permit? Unsure of the lingo & key phrases that CAAS is looking out for? We help organizations improve the quality of their drone operation policies, ensuring that these are of high standards to meet CAAS’ approval requirements.
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Drone Flying Academy provides 3 types of drone courses: Basic, Intermediate & Advance. Depending on your level of experience, we would recommend the course most suitable for your needs and learning curve.

Please send in an enquiry to contact us for quotation. If you join in with more people, there are GREATER DISCOUNT!

No prior flying experience is required for the Basic Course. The class is catered to beginner, those who are interested in flying drone for recreational and professional purposes.

For Intermediate Course, we highly recommend applicants to have at least 6 months of experience or have attended the Basic Course previously.

For Advance Course, we highly recommend applicants to have at least 1 year of experience or have attended the Intermediate course previously.

Basic: 3.5 hours
Intermediate: 4 hours
Advance: 4 hours
DIY Drone Assembly: 2.5 Hours

Our Basic Drone Flying Course fee could be offset 100% by utilizing your SkillsFuture Credits (SFC). However, do note that if drone rental is required, $30 will be charged and this is not claimable from SFC.

We are also under NTUC UTAP funding. If you are a NTUC union member, you could utilize UTAP to claim 50% of the course fee.

Do submit the sign-up form if you would like to register under SFC or NTUC UTAP. We would send you the step-by-step guide for registration.

However, our drone courses are not covered under WSQ or IMDA currently. We are working with relevant agencies to secure future subsidies.

If you have your personal drone, do bring it to the course. Do note that our instructors are trained in DJI drone brand. Any system technicalities relating to drone of other brands, we would not be in a suitable position to advise.

If you do not own a drone, you could rent a drone from us to practice during the practical session of the course. Rental fee is separately charged @ $30.

  • Paynow
  • Paylah
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal Account - Credit/Debit Card

Upon receipt of registration, any cancellation, withdrawal or postponement by learner must be notified in writing by email with minimum 8 calendar days' notice before commencement of the course, and no fee will be charged with minimum 8 days’ notice given.

Cancellation/withdrawal/postponement received from learner with 4 to 7 days’ notice from the commencement of the course will be charged an administrative fee of $100, unless learner provides evidence of unforeseen circumstances such as medical or compassionate reasons by email.

Course fees paid to DFA PTE. LTD. is not refundable with less than / equal to 3 days’ notice from the commencement of the course, except when the class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or if evidence of medical or compassionate reasons are produced.

DFA PTE. LTD. reserves the right to reschedule the course without prior notice due to insufficient learners or unforeseen circumstances. Full refund of course fees paid will be made to learner.

Any learner who attends the course partially / no show / cancellation of promo package price courses will have to pay full fees to DFA PTE. LTD., and no refund of fees paid will be given.

Scenarios Full refund Partial Refund No Refund
Cancellation/withdrawal/postponement with more than / equal to 8 days' notice before course commencement Yes No No
Cancellation/withdrawal/postponement with 4 to 7 days’ notice before course commencement No Yes
Admin Charge of $100
Cancellation/withdrawal/postponement with less than 3 days' notice before course commencement No No Yes
Course is cancelled due to insufficient participants or unforeseen circumstances. Yes No No
Partial attendance of course / No-Show / cancellation of promo package price courses No No Yes
Able to produce Medical Cert, Death Cert, or Court Order Letter Yes No No

You may book your lesson here and we will contact you once a slot is reserved for you.

Minimum age requirement is 7 years old. However, 7 to 12 years old child must be supervised by one adult. It serves as child-parent bonding session as well.

Our courses are usually held on the weekend. We would arrange a slot for your Basic Drone Course first. After completion of Basic, we would then separately arrange a slot for your Intermediate Drone Course. After completion of Intermediate, we would then separately arrange a slot for your Advance Drone Course.

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